Sheet Metal Machinery

Press Brakes

A vast portfolio of press brakes, targeting all the common bending needs as well as specific custom-tailored bending projects. If your requirements go beyond this, ADIRA provides robotized bending cells and fully-customized solutions to suit all your bending needs.

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ADIRA produces Laser cutting machines successfully for more than 10 years. Our portfolio covers : The entry-level LE for a wide range of applications, The classic LP with linear motors and high performance in all situations, The LF with a novel fiber Laser ideally suited for thin plates and reflective materials, with reduced consumption and maintenance. All our ADIRA Laser cutting machines offer you high reliability, precision and performance in metal cutting.

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A vast portfolio of shears for a wide range of thicknesses and sheet sizes, targeting all the cutting needs. Swing cut and vertical cut shears, stand-alone or combined with an automatism for improving performance. The profolio includes: The entry-level multipurpose SM line, The versatile swing cut GH portfolio, The oversized vertical cut GV range.

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About Adira

ADIRA designs, develops, manufactures and installs state-of-the-art machine tools for almost 60 years.

  • Permanent investment in scientific research and technological development to supply at all times the best solutions to our customers.
  • Cooperation with Universities and renowned Research Labs.
  • Quality, precision and reliability of our solutions.
  • Maximum performance of our products.
  • Readiness and effectiveness of the after-sales service.
  • Exporting to more than 40 countries worldwide.
  • More than 80% turnover is outside our homeland.
  • The biggest market share in our homeland.
  • Production is split in 2 production plants with 15.000 sqm.