Press Brakes

A vast portfolio of press brakes, targeting all the common bending needs as well as specific custom-tailored bending projects. If your requirements go beyond this, ADIRA provides robotized bending cells and fully-customized solutions to suit all your bending needs.

Hexa-C Technology

Adira turn the page and make an innovative design.

The Frame Name Is Hexa-C and under patent of Adira.

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PM Guimadira

Hydraulic Series
  • The best price/quality ratio
  • Hexa-C Technology
  • 5 standard models: 135, 160 and 220 tons
  • 2 dimensions: 3 and 4 meters
  • Advanced CE laser safety system
  • Ease of use
  • Proven solutions
  • Designed, engineered and produced in Europe
  • High quality standards
  • Combat price

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PA Hexa C®

Semi Hybrid
  • The New bending concept
  • Accurate
  • Fast
  • Sustentable
  • Flexible

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PF Fast

Full Hybrid
  • Top-of-range Press Brakes
  • High approach, bending and return speeds
  • Wide opening and stroke
  • High performance
  • Change of speed only 2 mm above the plate
  • Ultimate precision
  • The best exemple of Innovation & Technology in bending
  • Flexible tooling and high efficiency options
  • Ergonomy, Design and Safety
  • The ideal machine for integration with robotized cells
  • The best choice for maximum performance

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Full Hybrid H-Frame
  • Hybrid bending technology
  • Extraordinary precision
  • Hybrid GreenDynamics technology
  • Reduced maintenance
  • The ideal choice for the 21st century costumer

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Full Electrical
  • Electrical press brake
  • Sustained Technology
  • Clean machine
  • Fast

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PH Heavy Duty

  • Oversized Press Brakes
  • High tonnage machines
  • Big bending lengths
  • Tandem solutions
  • Fully customizable
  • Sturdiness, Reliability, Safety
  • The ideal choice for heavy duty assignments

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Bending Cell

  • Custom-tailored solutions
  • Automatic production systems
  • Maximum productivity
  • Excelent bending replicability and precision
  • Continuous operation
  • Turnkey solutions

Customized solutions

  • Unique solutions for specific needs
  • Projects taylored to your specific needs
  • For big sizes and thicknesses
  • Excellence in technical support
  • The know-how of ADIRA's Development & Engineering team at your service.
  • Long-term technical experience of ADIRA producing splendid results