A vast portfolio of shears for a wide range of thicknesses and sheet sizes, targeting all the cutting needs. Swing cut and vertical cut shears, stand-alone or combined with an automatism for improving performance. The profolio includes: The entry-level multipurpose SM line, The versatile swing cut GH portfolio, The oversized vertical cut GV range.

SM Guimadira

  • The best price/quality ratio
  • 2 models: for 6 mm or 13 mm thickness in 3 meters
  • Swing Cut
  • Optionally with thin sheet support system
  • Ease of use
  • Proven solutions
  • Designed, engineered and produced in Europe
  • High quality standards
  • Combat price

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GH Versatile

  • Wide range of configurations
  • Multiple thicknesses and sizes
  • Swing Cut
  • Small fixed angle to suit all thicknesses
  • Sturdiness and reliability
  • Patented "SCSC" - Combined Sheet Support System
  • Proven experience
  • The utmost range of choices

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GV Heavy Duty

  • Shears for big dimensions
  • Cutting thickness up to 25 mm, more options on request.
  • Sizes up to 6 meters, more options on request
  • Vertical cut
  • Optional: anti-twisting system
  • Sturdiness, reliability, safety
  • The ideal choice for heavy duty assignments

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