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3D Unfolding Sheet Metal Software - Lantek Flex3d UnfoldingLantek Flex3d Unfolding is a software application which enables 3D design of folded sheet metal parts and generates their subsequent automatic unfolded design.


Lantek Flex3d Unfolding is a stand-alone application and no additional software is needed to work with it.


Product Specifications

Technical Characteristics

  • Dynamic coordinate system specifically for boxes.
  • Real viewing of the part.
  • Powerful 2D design module.
  • Automatic unfolding. Possibility of unfolding (transfer from 3D to 2D geometry) in DXF or Lantek’s own data format used within Lantek Expert.
  • Creation of the base face from 2D geometry or parameters introduced by the user.
  • Parametric addition of any type of face to the base face:
    • Individual offsets at both ends of the added face.
    • Chamfers at each end of the added face.
    • Corner radii for each one of the faces.
    • Different angle input for each one of the faces.
    • Multiple options for dimensioning the faces.
    • Face types which grow outwards, inwards or exactly to the edge.
    • Automatic rectangular or semi-circular cutaways.
  • Creation of faces at 0º and 180º.
  • Creation of multiple faces from one profile.


Lantek Flex3d Unfolding - Folding operations
Folding operations


Lantek Flex3d Unfolding - Folding operations
Folding operations
Lantek Flex3d Unfolding - Folding operations
Folding operations


Easy, flexible design

With Lantek Flex3d Unfolding, the design of any part in 3D is made simple. Starting from a solid base, the different faces are added to form the complete part. Once the part has been designed, the unfolding is immediate and automatic. The application has a powerful help system with detailed explanations of each one of the options, so that the user may resolve any doubts quickly and simply.


Construction options

  • Creation of extrusions. Creation of faces from 2D geometry.
  • Cutting of extrusions.
  • Creation of standard holes or design of their geometry in 2D. Creation of dies for holes.
  • Standard form tool library, with the ability to create additional dies.
  • Rounding (filleting) of the parts in 3D.
  • Automatic mitring (diagonal, 90º, ۲D geometry) on two superimposed faces. This utility allows two superimposed faces to be separated.
  • Lengthening and shortening of 2 faces
    • At a set value.
    • To a parallel plane.
    • To a non-parallel plane, with and without reference.
    • To a vertex.
    • Lengthening and shortening of 2 faces until they meet.


Unfolding options

Automatic unfolding of the part based on its own unfolding rules, which depends on:

  • The K factor.
  • A technology table which can be configured by the user, in accordance with thickness, radius, and the machine.

The unfolding provided by Lantek Flex3d Unfolding is totally configurable.

There are two output formats:

  • Unfolding of geometry to DXF format file, completely user-configurable from the program (type of line, color).
  • Direct unfolding to Lantek Expert‘s data base (MEC). No need to create intermediate files. The system allows the 2D geometry obtained to be directly transferred to the CAM cutting or punching system.



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