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Manage and Plan the Cash Management and Bank accounts - Lantek Integra Banking


Lantek Integra Banking is the complete solution to manage and plan the financial activities and resources of the business.This system provides all the necessary tools to simplify and automate various banking operations such as payments, deposits, and balance forecasts.



Product Specifications

Bank Balance Management

Lantek Integra Banking is an elaborate tool that enables the monitoring of forecasted payments and deposits for all creditors and debtors. The system also allows the user to compare ‘actual’ versus ‘estimated’ balances at the end of the financial year.

A simple and intuitive user interface presents a complete view of all bank transactions and cash flow. In addition to monitoring true balances, it is also possible to run predicted balance simulations based on various theoretical scenarios.

Each time a new transaction is recorded, the system automatically updates any predicted balances and assigns all the relevant identification and detail information, such as creation date, due date, customer reference, etc.

  • Lantek Integra Banking - Banking module
    Banking module


  • Lantek Integra Banking - Bank accounts
    Bank accounts


Management of bank payment instructions

Lantek Integra Banking provides the necessary tools to generate different payment instructions automatically: batch bank transfers, checks, promissory notes, and more.

These instructions may be printed or output digitally as required.

All transactions are managed in a reliable, automatic and efficient manner.


  • Lantek Integra Banking - Receivables


Credit Control

Any overdue payments are easily highlighted and the system has the facility to add any penalties for late payments. As payments are received, the account information is automatically updated.

The payment status window provides a powerful tool to view, analyze, and manage all the outstanding payments as well as credit terms. This data can be easily filtered by customer, date, sales person, etc.

By considering the entire customer base, the total customer risk and credit balances can be analyzed as required by region, sector, date, etc.


Multi-company management

Sometimes financial management is difficult for those companies organized in different sectors, branches, offices, or abroad, owing to the fact that each organization has its own needs, processes, and management methods.

Lantek Integra Banking is an integrated management system developed to support multi-faceted operations with different offices, capacities, languages, and legislation. It has been created to manage each independent organization, automating and simplifying the exchange of data, and consolidating the management information.


Compatibility of banking with other modules

Lantek Integra Banking is fully integrated with all sectors of the company: Sales, Purchases, Inventory Management, Assets, and more.

When Sales and Purchase invoices are generated or received, transaction records are created and all balances and forecasts are updated automatically.


Historical data record and balance analysis

The company controller can see a clear visual report of all transactions for any accounting year or period at any time. The report can be filtered by category, for example, to account for reconciled and pending transactions. Additionally, colors may be used to add emphasis to any areas of interest.


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