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Warehouse Inventory Management Software - Lantek Integra Inventory


Lantek Integra Inventory is a management solution that provides a real time view of all key information related to the quantity and valuation of inventory for each warehouse.


Product Specifications

Management of stock

Lantek Integra Inventory makes available updated information for all elements involved in the products module: sheet metal, remnants, profiles, pieces, purchased products, finished products, and more.

The management of inventory, like material management, is specific for every type of product.

The remnants of sheet metal or profiles are generated and managed in the warehouse module after they have been designed in the technical office and have been validated in the workshop.

  • Lantek Integra Inventory - Sheet inventory
    Sheet inventory


  • Lantek Integra Inventory - Inventory status at a given date
    Inventory status at a given date


Cost management


Once the chosen method for cost calculation has been selected (FIFO, LIFO or Average), Lantek Integra Inventory updates the true costs of the products automatically and each time the user makes a warehouse movement from any Lantek Integra module. This keeps information updated on the value of each stocked product and the overall value of the inventory.

Tracking Management


Lantek Integra Inventory manages the tracking and serial or batch numbers for all received goods. The system can generate and assign serial or batch numbers when a product is received. It can also fix references and bar codes to received items and connect that documentation with any stock input-output.

  • Lantek Integra Inventory - Tracking number
    Tracking number


  • Lantek Integra Inventory - Documentation


  • Lantek Integra Inventory - Tracking numbers per supplier
    Tracking numbers per supplier


  • Lantek integra Inventory - Item tracking log
    Item tracking log


Stock and backlog management


The efficient management of warehouse materials and products requires an updated control of the inventory at any given time. Lantek Integra Inventory not only displays the quantities in stock; but, it also shows the status: available, reserved, orders pending, delivered.

For each material reservation, the system shows the origin and the reason for the material being reserved: dispatched for sales orders, workshop, manufacturing orders, and more. Finally, the system allows the creation of reservation tags to specify if an element is reserved.

  • Lantek Integra Inventory - Movements


Receipts and shipments management


Lantek Integra Inventory manages all the receipts, both executed and pending. The system includes specific views to manage the received purchases and the pending purchases or receipts. This includes complete analogue shipment management with specific views for the management orders and for the pending and sent delivery notes.

  • Lantek integra Inventory - Pending receipts
    Pending receipts

Barcode Reader


Lantek Integra Inventory is fully integrated with Lantek Workshop Capture barcode reader solution. This allows the registration of inventory movements, transfers, adjustments, and inventory look-ups by barcode terminals.


Multi-warehouse management


Lantek Integra Inventory allows the control of several warehouses at the same time, offering timely and accurate information on the quantity of product stocked in each warehouse as well as the overall quantity for all warehouses.

In addition, and for the optimum distribution of the products and their proper control, an option is also available for dividing the warehouses into different physical locations. The user has the ability to assign a warehouse to each product according to their characteristics.


  • Lantek Integra Inventory - Warehouse structure
    Warehouse structure


Compatibility of inventory with other modules


Lantek Integra Inventory is totally integrated with the other management modules of Lantek Integra. Together, it becomes an effective system able to manage the true inventory and every other aspect of the company’s requirements, such as: sales orders, manufacturing orders, CAD/CAM works, etc. The system is integrated and also connected with the Lantek CAD/CAM solutions software. It manages quantities and allocations for sheet remnants and for the profiles designed in the technical office in real time.


History and analysis of inventory


Lantek Integra Inventory may be used as a powerful analysis tool because it provides the Inventory Manager with the following information: history of warehouse movements, inventories executed between specific dates, generated receipts and documentation, economic valuation of the stock, and more. By using filters, it is easy to access the different classifications of invoices in a fast and intuitive manner.

  • Lantek Integra Inventory - Summary



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