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Lantek Integra Manufacturing is designed for companies interested in a complete and competitive solution capable of optimizing its manufacturing processes and integration with CAD/CAM solutions.Imagine being able to know, in real time, the status of each one of the parts or/and customer manufacturing orders. Imagine being able to have an optimized view considering different key variables in the workshop: delivery date, customer, sales order, machine, material and thickness, among other things.The system takes into account different types of manufacturing requirements: planned from the management solution or from geometries like DWG, DXF files…



Product Specifications

Workshop Management

The bigger a company, the more complicated are its manufacturing structures. The user has the ability to monitor the volume of work, the management of completed operations and the optimization of resources: machines, workers and sub-contracting centers.

From the office it is possible to reserve materials for a specific job or give priority to other jobs.

The system connects with the different workshop data solutions allowing the logging of times and real material consumption to each nest and production process


Lantek Integra Manufacturing - Workshop management
Workshop management



Monitoring of the Manufacturing Process

For monitoring a manufacturing order, the system has advanced functions for grouping the parts according to different criteria such as: machine, material, thickness, delivery date, sale order, customer and so on.

Considering the machine load, it is possible to optimize the launching of orders and the generation of CAD/CAM jobs.

The user can check, in real time, the status of manufacturing product: if they are at stand-by, nesting, under production or finished. As well, these status are graphical and intuitive managed. Through different graphical indicators, it is possible to know the manufacturing evolution.

Lantek Integra Manufacturing - Production Tracking
Production Tracking


Times and Costs Optimization

From the manufacturing order list, the user can launch the CAD/CAM application for the creation of optimized nests. The necessary material and the times of manufacturing can be used to reduce the associated manufacturing costs.

The system guarantees the fulfillment of delivery dates thanks to an integral and optimal management of the production process.

Lantek Integra Manufacturing - Time & cost optimization
Time & cost optimization


Analysis and history of products

Lantek Integra Manufacturing performs a comparison between estimated costs and true costs for selected manufacturing orders. It also allows a specific evaluation of those orders as well as the associated products, too.

Lantek Integra Manufacturing provides a powerful tool for companies to obtain more competitive prices and to understand the true costs and its variations for each product.

In order to analyze the manufacturing area, the system provides different information tools covering manufacturing orders, incurred costs, volume of work, changes of orders, etc.

It also contains an advanced manufacturing history management.

The finished manufacturing orders go directly to the “history” section from a configurable date by the user.


Lantek Integra Manufacturing - Production history
Production history


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