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Lantek Wos is designed specifically to meet the needs of companies working with sheet metal. It is a system created to help control and monitor production. This system provides all the tools necessary to collect data during the production process, i.e., status, manpower, materials, machines, inventory, etc.The system is updated from the workshop with validated data, in real time, and provides management with an accurate and current view of the information.Lantek Wos can be installed on a PC. The system offers options for choosing different machine tools and work centers for production processes. It is also possible to communicate from remote locations to the machine controls in the workshop.With Lantek Wos, the work center operators have all the information related to work in progress on hand. They also have the ability to consult and/or monitor warehouse inventory.


Product Specifications

Easy to Use

The main goal of Lantek Wos is to provide an easy to use and efficient solution for workshop data input. With intuitive screens and a minimal need for data entry, information is clear.

Anyone is capable of interaction with WOS, even without previous knowledge of the system.

Lantek Wos represents the perfect balance between ease of use, power and function, all critical requirements in the production sector.

Lantek Wos includes multiple options that are associated with nesting and manufacturing operations for full display of information. To list a few options:

  • ۲D nest design
  • A status list of pending nests
  • The ability to re-order the sequence of jobs
  • The ability to change the machine tool
  • Turret configuration (for punching machines)
  • Numerical control (CNC) of the nests
  • Parts data review
  • Users may check each of the parts that comprise the nest and their quantity, length, height, related order, etc.
  • Process and machine times
  • Graphic and intuitive displays of operations and nests status
    Lantek Wos - Interface


Monitoring and Validation of the Manufacturing Process

Designed for integration with Lantek Expert, our CAD/CAM programming system, Lantek Manager, our production management system, and Lantek Integra, ERP system, Lantek Wos allows the production manager to specify which work center or machine is to carry out each job.

These solutions make it possible to monitor nesting in real time and verify the production of any order at any given time. The operator can display all the necessary information to validate the pending and assigned work.


Lantek Wos - Job view
Job view


Lantek Wos - Job monitoring
Job monitoring

Warehouse Management

Lantek Wos allows the user to select the actual sheet used to cut the nest and retain traceability. Lantek Wos automatically updates the warehouse. Cut sheets are registered and removed from inventory. Parts and remnants are registered and accounted for also.

Parts that have been lost during the production process can be registered to help manage processing and quality control.


Lantek Wos - Sheet selection
Sheet selection

Productivity Increase

Lantek Wos registers and updates all data immediately, making the system an essential decision-making tool. Paper use is minimal and unnecessary administrative tasks are removed. Lantek Wos helps optimize productivity and reduce manufacturing costs.


Lantek Wos - Office-Operator communication
Office-Operator communication
Lantek Wos - Office-Operator communication
Office-Operator communication
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