Sheet Metal Software

Opentalk, Lantek integration mechanism


Opentalk is an integration mechanism which allows any machine to communicate production statuses to other connected systems in the network.The actions performed by the machine are communicated real-time via Opentalk. The connection timing can be configured: periodically, at a defined frequency, or on demand.

Once the operator has prepared the job in the machine and orders it to start, all events (start, pauses, end of job) are transmitted.

When Opentalk is active, Lantek Wos PLAY, PAUSE, and STOP buttons are disabled while the machine is in control. CANCEL button will be always active in order to handle emergency situations adding a confirmation message.

Opentalk makes possible to a normal machine to be converted into a cyber-physical system, able to “talk” to the cooperating software systems that manage the manufacturing processes, like MRP, MES, ERP, and others.

By using Opentalk, machines are integrated into the software and are able to cooperate seamlessly and without human intervention.

Opentalk brings full automation closer to become a reality. Shop floor operators will be more productive as they are to handle several machines working at the same time.